The People's Panel

Current consultations - have your say on sexual health services in the county

We have launched a consultation on sexual health services to find out how our community feels about our plans for the future. This consultation is an opportunity for the council to hear people's views on four main principles which would form the basis of our sexual health services in the years ahead.   

The consultation, which closes on 23 October 2016, will help the council to develop the most effective approaches that inspire people to live healthier lives.

The four principles outlined in the consultation are:

People should find it easy to access the care they need, regardless of the service they require or the location they attend. This means people can easily move within the sexual health system and can expect a consistent standard of care.

Services provide care focused on need - ensuring those who most need help have access to specialist services targeted to their needs. We know that there are some groups of people who are particularly vulnerable to poor sexual health outcomes. Services should be designed so that they are targeted to the needs of those groups.

Prevention of poor sexual health outcomes is a priority. This means focusing on preventing people from having poor sexual health outcomes (such as unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections) through education, access to information, and targeted schemes for vulnerable or high-need groups.

Technology is used to allow people to access services most appropriate for them, and, where possible, choose online or self care. This means that information is easily accessible to allow individuals to access services most convenient for them and can choose the option of home and self sampling/testing services.

The questionnaire is available to complete online at and paper copies are available from libraries, GP surgeries and pharmacies.

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