The People's Panel

Past consultations - living a healthy life in Gloucestershire

We provide support with prevention and management of unhealthy lifestyle behaviours: smoking, physical inactivity, excess alcohol consumption, and poor diet, which is linked, along with inactive lifestyles, to overweight and obesity.

Helping people stay healthy or get healthier is the best way to prevent problems later in life and the council is keen to support people to stay fit and independent as they age.

The current contracts are due to end this year and a new service is required for 2017. A 12-week public consultation took place from December 2015 to March 2016 to find out what people think are important for the council to take into consideration in planning future provision.

Of 391 respondents to the survey, there was general support for the principles that were proposed:

  • More emphasis on helping people to help themselves to live a healthy lifestyle e.g. by providing self-help tools
  • More emphasis on helping to prevent people from taking up an unhealthy lifestyle in the first place                             
  • More intensive support prioritised for those in greatest need and those who are less able to help themselves
  • Lifestyles information and support available across other services, for example, maternity and family support services

In April, cabinet approved a tendering process for a new service which is focussed on helping the council achieve the principles agreed in the consultation.

The contract, which will be for up to seven years, is worth an estimated total of £12.5million and will set out the way that the council aims to ensure local people have access to information and support to enable them to live a healthy lifestyle.

A recommendation to award the contract will be made in September 2016, with the service set to begin in January 2017.

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