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Past consultations - local feedback prompts changes to the county’s Local Transport Plan (LTP)

The power of consultation was demonstrated when changes to the proposals for the Local Transport Plan (LTP) were made following feedback received during the consultation.

The LTP has four objectives: supporting sustainable economic growth, enabling community connectivity, conservation of the environment, and improving community health and wellbeing.

The consultation ran from the 20 November 2015 to the 5 February 2016 and 215 people and organisations took part and told us what they thought of the county's proposed transport blueprint.

Although the consulted policy had been intended to provide a consistent approach to the operation of bus lanes across the county, the consultation showed that the proposal to ban private hire vehicles from bus lanes was not a popular choice for local operators and companies who provide home to school transport for the council.

In response to this feedback received through the public consultation, officers worked hard to identify a better plan and suggested that instead private hire vehicles should be permitted to use bus lanes on county council maintained ‘A’ roads where local highways allow and the impact on other road users is minimal.

As well as the removal of the proposed ban on private hire vehicles from all bus lanes on county council managed highway a number of other changes were also proposed including:-

  • A commitment to reduce transport derived carbon emissions to support the new global pact signed in Paris in December 2015 on climate change (COP21).
  • To prioritise the promotion of sustainable transport modes, especially cycling.
  • A revised set of voluntary performance indicators so the council can monitor its progress in delivering the policies and priorities outlined in the LTP.

In March, the council's Environment and Overview Scrutiny Committee looked at the results of the LTP consultation and discussed the suggestion to drop the original proposal to ban private hire vehicles from using council bus lanes and this was subsequently scrapped as the county's transport blueprint was updated.

In April, cabinet recommended approval of the final updated version of the Local Transport Plan (LTP), which sets the vision for transport in the county over the next 15 years, and in June it was adopted at the meeting of the full county council.

The aim is that the updated LTP will see a reliable transport network that enables economic growth by providing individuals with travel choice for their daily journeys.

You can find out more about the local transport plan at

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