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Get Ready for Winter

Although the weather in Gloucestershire has generally been fairly mild so far, severe weather can happen quickly and cause disruption to our families, homes and communities.

Gloucestershire County Council Civil Protection Team and all of the District Councils are encouraging individuals and communities to prepare for winter. The good news is that there are many practical steps that can be taken.

The Met Office ‘Get Ready for Winter’ website, provides a lot of useful advice about protecting your home, keeping warm and healthy and supporting your community this winter. A winter readiness checklist for Parish and Town Councils is also available.

If your Parish or Town Council is interested in developing a Community Emergency Plan, please contact your local District Council.

Parish News Edition 21 – November 2017

View Amey Highways Newsletter to find out what has been happening over the last month.

Summer Reading Challenge 2017

Gloucestershire Libraries had a fantastic summer and nearly 10,000 children took part in the Summer Reading Challenge - Animal Agents.  Children and adults loved it!  This is what the children and parents thought..."I think Animal Agents was amazing and it made a difference to my reading. I have enjoyed all the books" Ella May aged 9, Cinderford Library. "Fun and brilliant, the search and find was challenging especially Bernice the bear" Jack aged 9, Newent Library. "My children loved the Challenge. Not usually a big reader but loved coming to the library to get next surprise. Great encouragement for non readers" Mr. Skillern, Cirencester Library.

We can’t wait until next years Summer Reading Challenge – which is Mischief Makers




Gloucestershire Libraries

Christmas events 2017

Libraries are planning lots of free family events over the Festive period, check on Eventbrite for events near you

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News from the Gloucestershire Association of Parish & Town Councils

Grants for small councils from the Transparency Fund – final deadline February 2018

Time is running out for parish councils with a turnover of less than £25,000 to bid for grants from the Transparency Fund. This November two councils, Down Ampney and Sevenhampton, received £2500 and £1000 respectively from the fund. The funding is available for websites, laptops and associated costs. If you set up a website or purchased a laptop since April 2015 solely to meet the requirements of the Code and have not claimed before, you can claim costs back to 2015. There is a monthly round of funding and the very last date to apply is 9 February 2018.

Please email for an application form and guidance.

Winter is coming – are you prepared?

The clocks have gone back, the days are shorter and Christmas is just around the corner. At this time of year, there are some things we should all be doing to prepare for cold weather ahead. Winter information is brought together on our website at

It’s particularly important at this time of year that we look out for the more vulnerable in our community and make sure they’re keeping warm.

Public Health England has developed a cold weather plan for England

There are action cards for individuals and communities as part of the cold weather plan - VCS and Individual.  Town and Parish Council Checklist.

Find out more:


Fire and Rescue: Facing the Future

Integrated Risk Management Planning

Integrated Risk Management Planning (IRMP) is a modern and flexible process, supported by legislation and guidance, designed to enable a fire and rescue service to identify, measure and mitigate the social and economic impact that fire and other emergencies can be expected to have on individuals, communities, commerce, the environment and heritage.

The assessment of local risks to life and how effectively resources are used in response to those risks, whilst at the same time providing value for money to the local taxpayer is documented. This document is what is termed as an Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP).

Our IRMP is all about giving the communities of Gloucestershire a ‘tailor made’ service that best meets their needs. The realities of the political landscape and financial climate must also be taken into account.

Our Approach

The IRMP development process makes the service regularly consider four key questions:

  1. What are the existing and potential risks in Gloucestershire?
  2. How effective are our current risk management measures?
  3. What opportunities are there for improvement and setting of appropriate standards?
  4. What resources are necessary to meet those standards?

The IRMP is an ideal opportunity to match resources to demand when the facts support that approach and we use the answers to the four key questions to help us develop our plan for future service provision.

Managing Risk

In order to effectively manage risk in our community the service uses a combination of tactics, which complement each other to deliver on the service’s overarching mission statement:

"Working together we will provide the highest standard of community safety and emergency response services to the communities of Gloucestershire".

It is the ‘integrated’ nature of these risk management tactics in the optimum blend, linked with the strategic aims, that gives the plan its name.

The IRMP covers a three year period and outlines the improvements and changes the service intends to make in order to manage existing and emerging risk more effectively.

Our Journey

Looking Back:

Over the last three years the service has evolved significantly to meet new and emerging risks to the communities of Gloucestershire focusing efforts on upstream prevention, ensuring that all areas of the service are dedicated to and support efforts towards reducing incidence of fire and other emergencies.

By preventing emergencies from happening, we help to drive down the number of injuries and deaths contributing to an overall reduction in demand on both our own, our partners and other stakeholders resources. Freeing up these critical resources and making them available to respond to those who need them most improves the overall safety of our communities and visitors to our county as a whole.

Looking Forward:

We are acutely aware that to meet an ever changing risk picture, we must continually review the way we resource our service listening very carefully to the views of our key stakeholders, partners and the public to ensure that we can continue to maintain the right resources, in the right place, at the right time.

It is on this basis that we have developed three key objectives for the Service to take forward over the period of our next IRMP.

Objective 1 -  Increased focus on prevention and protection initiatives

We intend to build on the successes of our existing prevention and protection work, in order to help further reduce the number of fires and other types of emergency incidents that we are called upon to attend.

This means we will seek to develop local and national initiatives where we have the necessary skills and equipment for example response to life threatening medical emergencies, which will help to reduce loss of life and injuries sustained in such incidents, thereby making the communities of Gloucestershire even safer places in which to live and work.

Objective 2 - Explore, further develop and maximise opportunities to collaborate with partners and other stakeholders

To make the most effective use of our resources, increase our efficiency and deliver activities with tangible ‘social value’, we intend to, identify, focus on and progress every available opportunity to collaborate with other emergency services and work with and support other partner organisations and stakeholders.

This means that we will evaluate all aspects of the work that we do and look to share functions, services and response options wherever possible, to ensure that the communities of Gloucestershire receive the highest standard of community safety and emergency response services at all times.

Objective 3 - Reconfigure and reform our service

It is vital that your fire and rescue service keeps pace with an ever changing and evolving world, closely matching resources to the needs of the communities we serve.

This means we intend to build on the review of operational response carried out under the last IRMP to ensure we maintain the right resources, in the right place, at the right time and develop a more diverse and inclusive workforce to meet the different cultural needs found across our county.

Have your say

For more information visit The consultation closes on the 8th January 20018

Chartered Parish and Town Councils meetings

Gloucestershire County Council aims to improve relationships between the tiers of local government in Gloucestershire, in particular by improving both consultation and communication about policies and decisions that may affect local communities. We invite all chartered parish and town councils to quarterly meetings at which they may contribute to the formation of policy and receive updates on topical issues including highways.

The meetings are held at the GL3 Community hub, Churchdown from 19:00 - 21:00

 6 December 2017

Introducing GlosTalk

In August 2017 Gloucestershire County Council  launched GlosTalk, an app for smart phones which provides information on bus services in Gloucestershire.


Main features of GlosTalk :

  •              Locates your nearest bus stop
  •              Tells you when the next bus is due
  •              Tracks your journey while on board the bus, so you know when to get off
  •              Audio announcements available
  •              Available to Apple, Windows and Android smartphones
  •              Free to download
  •              Responds to your voice as well as touch screen commands


In 2018, we plan to continue promoting GlosTalk through road shows, mail drops to public information points and user groups. If you can help us to promote GlosTalk to people living in your part of Gloucestershire,  it would be greatly appreciated.For more information please visit our web site

or email

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